Communication, control, performance
CCP combines a unique set of product features that can be used individually or combined together, giving you incredible flexibility and performance.

Business Loans

Almost every company needs finance at some time or other, and it can be for many reasons. Use CCP and experience a fresh, positive and friendly approach to financing your business and projects. We want to help and structure the right package for you.

Business Telephony

Most people find the subject of telephony unnecessarily complex. CCP will not baffle you with jargon, but we are able to provide you with exactly what you need at the most affordable price. We understand customers by getting to know them.

Business Services

The CCP core boasts a fully featured CRM system, providing a bespoke database to contain all categories of company data. The CRM system allows ‘fine grained’ access permissions controlling communications to prospects, customers, and between staff and departments.

Contact Centre

There are six contact centre modules that provide the design and execution of bespoke inbound and outbound call campaigns. Whether its lead generation, surveys, event invitations or appointing, there is a module that can be quickly configured to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Choose the teleagents that you prefer. Hear the calls and enjoy instant informative reports in real time. That’s real control.


CCP’s advanced search functionality allows an almost infinite number of search combinations. Information is retrieved with great speed and ease with variable outputs with clear screen displays to allow editing, analysis and printing. Similarly, the advanced search function is used for target selection where communications are required.

Inbound calls

CCP Reception will capture inbound calls. The unique function within Reception allows the prioritisation, filtering and redirection of calls to suit the preferences at the time. The preferences may be changed in seconds at any time, even from a smart phone.


CCP simplifies the email process by allowing the creation of a single or sequence of bespoke email templates that automatically populate from the CRM. Just set the delivery schedule and forget it. Whether the emails are reminders, advice or confirmations, they will arrive at the correct time.


CCP allows complete control over both the reason and the timing of voice and email communications. The scheduler will always ensure that the correct communication is delivered at the correct moment. Keeping in close contact with customers is essential, and this powerful CCP feature is an incredibly effective sales and service tool.


CCP is accessed from any internet connection, so business can be monitored and conducted worldwide. There is total flexibility and control over every user access level, with controls over the viewing or editing of individual records for high level security and accuracy.


CCP Document Storage offers complete unlimited electronic storage of all types of documents, including call recordings. The usual CCP high level of access, editing and export control also apply in this versatile system. The documents may be attached to emails sent through the CCP email systems.

Data Handling

The CCP data import and export function allow simple and speedy handling of data. Major data updates or mass field changes are simple and easy to execute, saving time and money. Smart error trapping keep helps keep the database in good order all of the time, keeping maintenance to a minimum.


Each Client data base is called a ‘scheme’ and is fully customisable to suit the particular business requirement. New schemes can be built and implemented in a few hours but there are many tried and tested that can be implemented in seconds.

Data Identification

Data bases usually evolve over time, with records being added from various sources. CCP always allows a record source to be recognised by 3 bespoke but variable identifiers. So many data sets may reside in the same CRM without need to search the scheme. This allows data to be selected from any of the CCP modules for specific action, whilst another action is taking place.


Although any information can be retrieved from the CRM for reporting purposes. The CCP ‘Reports’ function will produce 5 vital report that are able to be filtered in several ways. These reports give an overview of the entire CRM along with performance and cost analysis.


CCP is committed to providing excellent products and service with simple and flexible pricing structures. Our fully interactive product range provides real added value and usability. The more you use CCP.... the more you will want to.

Who can use CCP?

It's fair to say that any business operating in any sector could benefit from using CCP to support its growth.


"They are embedded within our organisation – part of our team. I know I can rely on them to go the extra mile – and they have done on many occasions."
Sharon Kennedy
Head of Client Relationships, Cranfield School of Management

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